1976 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55, 44k Original Miles


  • 44k original miles
  • Smurf blue
  • Like new condition

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This Cruiser is completely original. It’s almost like it just came off the show room floor. This Cruiser has been in California for the past six months and I am the third owner. The Cruiser was originally sold from Douglas Toyota in Denver, Colorado and then was sold to the second owner who kept the vehicle in his garage in New Mexico for the past 10+ years. I have put 1,200 miles on it since I bought it, and the previous owner ran it a few times a month and only put 1,000 miles on it over the 10-year span he owned it. If you’re looking for an original, classic, vintage, clean, rust-free FJ55, you’ll be hard pressed to find one cleaner at this price.


  • Original 2F Engine in perfect working order. Original Toyota 2-barrel carb is currently tuned for sea-level. High-altitude jets available if you want to adjust for elevation (and plan to keep it in Colorado)
  • California emissions – passed emissions in California 6 months ago (California has some of the strictest emissions in the country)
  • Needs nothing – everything (and I mean everything) is in perfect working order. This Cruiser has been loved and cared for all it’s life and lived in a dry climates like Colorado, New Mexico and California (which is why it is not a rust bucket like many other FJ55’s you might find on the East coast)
  • The only change made to this Cruiser is the radio. The original AM radio has been replaced with a Sony CD Receiver (which works great!). The Cruiser has two smaller speakers in the front and two larger speakers in the back.
  • Front and rear heaters work perfect
  • Rear tail gate works by the switch or by the key on the tailgate
  • Includes all the original tools, jack, car manual, trouble light and even the original papers from the first owner!
  • Dash is perfect. No cracks whatsoever.
  • All the gauges are in perfect working order (Fuel, Amp, Temp and Oil Pressure)
  • Speedometer is precise – I’ve tested it against my GPS speedo and several local speed cameras
  • Turns over on the first try and runs perfectly
  • Recent work includes: Full tune up, repack on front wheel bearings, carb and timing adjusted, new plugs and wires, new front brake pads, front rotors turned, rear drums adjusted and inspected, chassis lubed. Had a bumper to bumper inspection by a professional, classic car mechanic and everything that needed adjusting or tuning was taken care of.
  • Original paint (Smurf Blue on White – if I had a matching blue FJ Cruiser, I might be tempted to keep this rig!)
  • All original parts. This is NOT a restoration project. EVERYTHING on this Cruiser is original.
  • Front disc brakes, rear drums
  • The back seat is perfect. Not a tear or scratch on it. The front seat has a vintage truck seat cover that fits perfectly. I’m pretty sure the original seat is under there, although I have not taken off the seat cover to confirm that.
  • 4-Wheel-Drive works like new – 2 speed transfer case (2WD high, 4WD high, 4WD low)
  • 4 speed manual transmission
  • The steering wheel has that old-school leather wrap on it, but the wheel itself is in perfect condition if you wanted to take it off


  • A 3″ Old Man Emu lift
  • 31 x 10.5 BFGs
  • Saginaw power steering
  • Dice in the mirror 🙂

This is an all-original, rare, classic, and vintage FJ55. If you’re a purist, looking for an unmolested Land Cruiser, this truck is the one for you (and, I might I add, the coolest Christmas gift you could give someone or give yourself!).


It’s tempting to say this Cruiser is “perfect” and in my mind, it is, but everyone has their own definition of perfect, therefore here is all the areas where you may feel this Cruiser needs some work:

1) A few minor scratches here and there. Nothing deep and nothing that couldn’t easily be buffed or touched up. I estimate this to be $50.

2) The front bumper has a slight crease where someone bumped it. Again, not a huge deal and you can barely notice it. I expect a professional could straighten this out for $100-125

3) Even in dry climates, these later model FJ55’s were prone to rust, especially near the front wheel wells. There must have been a bit of rust at some point, and the previous owned took it to a body shop and attended to it. It’s really hard to tell because the shop did a great job by eliminating any rust that was there and stopped any rust from spreading. In full disclosure, there appears there was very minor body work done here. That said, if there were no body work done and this Cruiser was 100% perfect, I’d be asking closer to $30 or $35k. At $21,500, this is a bargain for a Cruiser with only 44k original miles on it and in such clean condition. You’d be hard-pressed to find any Cruiser in this shape at this price anywhere in the US.

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