1977 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 – “Wicked Patina”


  • VIN #: FJ40246129
  • Title: Clear Colorado Title
  • Mileage: Unknown; previous owner stated in the 70-80k range, but cannot verify

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This Colorado Land Cruiser was originally olive in color, but over time has been sanded here and painted there by its previous owners. Th e two previous owners were older gentleman who both fixed it up mechanically and added a few (hilarious) touches to the FJ. If you can look past the twelve different colors, this FJ40 is actually a pretty good candidate for a full blown restoration. It has brand new aftermarket fenders, the hard top is solid, the doors are all in good shape with minimal rust, and the hood/front is solid, too. The tub would need some serious work (but which FJ40 don’t need rust repair), but with a brand new tub, a paint job, some new upholstery, and a little bit of TLC, this Cruiser could be a show piece. Or…you could just drive it with the wicked patina and the little indian hood ornament figurine.

Mechanically, this FJ is solid. The only leak appears to be from the manual steering gear box. I can’t tell if the axles have been rebuilt, but it sure looks that way as there is very little grease dripping from the knuckles. The engine is also very clean with no oil drips or runs to be seen anywhere. Someone obviously spent time underneath it cleaning it up and painting the frame, as can be seen by the fresh paint underneath. Plus the usual places where you see oil dripping everywhere (drive shafts, rear main seal, etc.) all appear to be dry.


  • Newer lift kit
  • Front bumper is excellent condition
  • Mechanically sound; daily driver status (less the old tires)
  • Most everything except the radio¬†seems to work: heater, fan, rear heater, blinkers, lights, hazard, wipers
  • 95% original: Seat belts, rear jump seats, front bucket seats, 2F motor, 4 speed transmission, hard top
  • Original owners manual
  • Gauges all work (oil pressure, temp, fuel, ignition)
  • Holly 2 barrel carb
  • Electronic fuel ignition
  • Recently rebuilt radiator
  • Appears to have been gone through extensively/mechanically. Only leak is from the steering gear box.


  • Steering box needs rebuilt (or just top it off every once and a while)
  • Tires have tons of tread, but are really old. Would NOT drive long distance on these tires.
  • Speedometer cable not hooked up (new cables readily available)
  • Radio does not work and is not really installed at the moment
  • Cracked front windshield (any good glass guy can make one of these since they are flat) and a cracked rear tiny hard top side window (used ones available)
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