1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, All Original


  • VIN: JT3FJ62G8J0080142
  • Clean Colorado Title
  • 207k miles
  • Automatic Transmission
  • 4×4
  • 235 / 75 / r15 wheels
  • Air Conditioning
  • AM/FM/CD with four speakers
  • Blue Exterior, Gray/blue interior

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This Colorado Land Cruiser is a great daily driver in a hard to find blue color. It’s an early FJ62 with an production date in late 1987, so it sports manual window cranks instead of the power windows. If you’re looking for a clean, turn key, stock Land Cruiser that’s ready to roll, this is a great choice. She’s no show-room Land Cruiser, but she’s original, untainted, and ready for daily use.


  • New radiator, hoses, thermostat, thermostat gasket, and thermostat housing gasket
  • New brake master cylinder
  • New starter
  • Newer tail pipe and muffler
  • Has the original, complete tool roll and bottle jack.
  • New carpet in the back with new carpet padding underneath
  • Daily Driver, runs and shifts perfectly, very reliable
  • All original


  • It does have some rust, but it’s manageable if you’re looking to clean it up and repaint it and the rust is limited to the body only. Frame is in good shape. I have the reserve set accordingly based on the condition of the body.
  • Tear in the drivers seat, but most of them have that same tear. You can source a new passenger seat bottom easily and swap it over on the drivers side.
  • Dents and dings here and there, but nothing that a good auto body guy couldn’t take care of.
  • Has an oil leak. Looks like it’s the oil pan gasket ($20 part) and the rear main seal ($25 part). If I were going to keep it I’d replace the oil pan gasket, but I wouldn’t mess with the rear main seal. I’d just deal with the couple spots it leaves. Most Land Cruisers have leaky rear main seals.
  • Could use a new pair of shocks (parts are circa $100 to $150; easy to swap out)
  • Front driver’s window crank mechanism needs replaced. It goes up and down but won’t go all the way up and hangs down about a 1/2 an inch. Part is maybe $40 and a handy guy can swap this out pretty easily.
  • Rear wiper motor does not work. Part is around $50 and it’s easy to replace by removing the access panel.
  • Dash has some cracks, which is pretty typical. You can get a replacement dash here for $117. I’ve done these a few times and they look really good.
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