1988 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, Rust Free New Mexico Truck


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  • VIN: JT3FJ62G5J0088022
  • 235,963 miles
  • New Mexico Cruiser; zero rust
  • 31″ x 10.5 x r15 M/T tires with excellent tread life
  • Blue/gray exterior, blue/gray interior
  • Desmogged
  • Head gasket went; motor needs work

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Some guys will advertise an FJ they are selling as “rust free”. Two photos into the listing you’re saying to yourself, “Rust free. Yeah, right!”

Not this Cruiser. This one really is completely rust free. Having spent it’s life in the dry climate of New Mexico, this Cruiser’s body and frame are a-mazing. The frame even has the original blank factory paint on it!

Questions? Interested? Email us.


  • Rust free
  • Original paint
  • New tires
  • Rare paint color
  • Headliner is excellent
  • Center console in very good shape with original cup holder
  • Almost all original (front bumper is the only thing I see that’s not original. You could unbolt that and add a brand new original bumper from Toyota)
  • Chrome on the front headlights and grille is excellent
  • Newer suspension


  • Engine overheated when one of the coolant hoses that goes to the rear heater split open. Lost all coolant and overheated causing the head gasket to blow. While we are listing this “as-is”, Sigfrids & Sons can repair the engine and get it driving again for an estimated $1500 to $1800 (depends on what all ends up needing repaired once we start pulling the motor apart to fix the head gasket).
  • NOTE: We are listing this Cruiser as-is for the first week or so.  After a week or two we will begin to perform repairs on the motor and begin fixing up other areas of the FJ. Once we begin work on it, we will pull this listing down and re-list it later on when we have fixed the motor and possibly made some other improvements.
  • New Mexico’s sun might have helped preserve the body and frame but it definitely did a number on the dash and door cards. They are cracked pretty good. That said, a good upholstery guy can redo the vinyl on the door cards and you can still source a brand new OEM dash from Toyota.
  • Couple dings on the drivers fender and a gouge in the rear driver’s side quarter panel
  • Carpet is decent up front and in the middle but will definitely need replaced in the rear. Pretty easy fix…it’s just one big piece.
  • Missing the push button for the transmission shifter
  • Original radio not working (not sure if it’s just the fuse or if the radio needs work)
  • Front seat bottoms are torn
  • De-smogged (maybe this is a plus for you!). I have another FJ62 motor that (I believe) has all the smog stuff on it. I’d sell that to the buyer if they need it.
  • Brakes could use some work (not sure if it needs rotors, pads, or just an adjustment/bleed)
  • Could probably use a tune up (plugs, timing, wires, fuel filter, etc.)


  • We have not test driven this vehicle. The previous owner’s wife drove it daily up until it overheated.
  • Sigfrids & Sons can provide a variety of other repairs and restoration services ala carte. Anything from a full blown restoration, to paint and body work, to interior repairs and more. We do some of the work in-house and have a variety of experts we partner with for body work, upholstery, etc. We know how to source parts and can get this Cruiser as far along as you like!
  • For a free quote on auto shipping we recommend Summit Auto Transport. You can get a free quote on their home page at www.SummitAutoTransport.com. If you have any questions, please contact Aaron at Summit Auto. He’s great to work with and quick to respond on email.