The Pink Hotel by Dorothy Erskine and Patrick Dennis, 1957


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It’s a great big, if admittedly somewhat peculiar, world and there are all sorts of people in it – particularly in resort hotels during the season. Toss together a mixed salad of guests old and young, eccentric and stuffy, pleasant and revolting, add a peppering of assorted employees, and you have the makings for first rate entertainment, a real microcosm of human nature a la carte. Mrs. Erskine and the celebrated author of Auntie Mame have taken full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Pink Hotel. Under the tropic skies there is plenty of drama, a modicum of romance and laughter, and some unforgettably queer fish to observe. There are sympathetic folk like Miss Dukemer, the worldly-wise cashier; and Purcell, the Assistant Director who finally chooses married life, in spite of his liking for ladies and liquor. There are pathetic ones like the rich Mellott sisters who share a suite with their adored Siamese cat; and the wealthy couple who never order more than one meagre breakfast. There are the strange ones like the Typhoid Mary pastry cook who loves her work, the new elevator boy who has a hair fetish, the fiendish Mr. Wenton – and many more whose lives are dominated by the Pink Hotel. The humorous and satirical qualities that have made the earlier books of the two authors so successful are here applied in full measure to a most varied cast of characters and their stories. Witty, compassionate, macabre, The Pink Hotel is as unique as it is fascinating.”

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